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1) I've decided I want to have a bronze portrait made. What happens now?

The process of making a portrait sculpture involves three to four sittings of one to two hours each. During the first sitting I will take a set of measurements, as well as a series of photographs. Usually I am able to capture the shape of the head in two or three sittings. The photographs will provide me with the information I need to finish detailing the piece in my studio if I am not able to complete it at a show.

2) How long does it take?

It generally takes 8 to 16 weeks to deliver the piece after the modeling is complete depending on the material.

3) Do you need to see your subject "in person" to make a sculpture?

In some cases I can work from photos only, if you can provide me with enough photos from various angles. Please click to see photo tips.

4) How big are the sculptures?

Most portrait heads are life-size. Figures can be life-size as well, or as small as 4".

5) Can you email me a photograph of my work in progress?

No problem. Be sure to include your email address on the order form.

6) What materials do you work in?

Bronze, precious metals, glass, terra cotta, paper and mixed media.

7) What is a patina?

The patina is the finish that develops on any bronze surface when exposed to moist air over time. Over centuries, combinations of chemicals and minerals have been discovered that allow us to create different colors by oxidizing them on the metal. Generally, a natural looking patina that matches the subject is preferred.

8) Who does your casting?

When I'm not doing it myself, I work with Calcagno Foundry in Boring, Oregon.

9) Where can I find you?

• Bipartisan Café on NE 79th and Stark street, Portland, Oregon

• Art show opening,"Paper and Bronze Work" December 6, 2013 Friday 6:00pm -10:00pm

The Gallery Zero, 936 SE 34th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

10) How can I contact you?

by mail: P.O. Box 302121, Portland, OR 97294 U.S.A.
by phone: (503)408-8241
by e-mail: contactjim@artdog.info

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