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Lifesized Lions

Lion Coin

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Male lion maquette
Small female bronze maquette
Resin female lion maquette


To provide a fundraising vehicle for non-profit organizations.


Jim Gion will collaborate with you to create a life-sized sculpture that celebrates the history, central elements, or mission of your non-profit organization. Often the monies raised in an organization are put to use in ways that aren’t clearly visible to donors, such as organizational expansion, new projects, or operational requirements. With this program, you can raise general funds or fund a specific project while also providing a permanent, valuable, and visible recognition for your organization’s strongest supporters.

How it works

  • Jim will work with your organization to develop a life-sized or larger-than-life work of art that meets your specific project requirements. At the completion of the fundraising campaign, the life-sized piece can be installed on site and dedicated in any manner that best fits your goals, such as to a group of donors after a successful capital campaign or to a single donor for a major gift.
  • For use during the fundraising campaign, Jim will also create a maquette, or miniature version of the life-sized piece, in bronze that you can use to raise funds for the larger campaign. The maquette will be created and loaned to you at no cost while you are engaged in your campaign.
  • To further support the campaign Jim can also:
    • Produce limited editions of the maquettes in different sizes and materials at wholesale prices.
    • Produce thematically related medallions at wholesale prices.
    • These maquettes and medallions can be awarded to donors at different levels or sold to people who support your organization. For example, during a $2.5 million capital campaign, donors at a specified giving level will receive a bronze maquette in a limited edition, with a value $2,000 and over. Additionally, maquettes in a smaller size or different material and medallions can be made available for purchase through your retail outlet, events, or Web site.

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1) Do you require a contract?

Yes, the contract will include a description of the life sized sculpture the price and terms for making it,  and a description and pricing of any other maquettes and medallions/coins that can be used as fundraising tools by your organization.

2) How would the price of the piece be determined?

Pricing will depend on the size and complexity of the sculpture to be made. I will work with your fundraising committee to determine the piece that is most appropriate for your project.  I will loan the first bronze maquette to your organization at no charge for use as a fundraising tool.  It will become your property on completion of the life sized sculpture.

3) What is the price for coins and medallions?

The price will be determined by the complexity, size and material of the pieces.  I will work with you to design medallions/coins at no charge.  I will bill you for the setup charges at the mint and a set price per medallion.

4) What is your price structure?

I will sell sculpture maquettes and coin/medallion s to you at wholesale prices.  Your organization can determine the retail prices or donation levels required from your customers or donors.  You may order from me as you receive orders from your clients and donors.

5) What is turn around for a statue order of which size?

Making the first clay model will depend on the complexity of the piece and the responsiveness of your design committee.  Turnaround time will depend on the material: the first bronze maquette will take about 12 weeks, subsequent copies about 6 weeks from the time of order.  Resin castings and bronze medallions/coins will take 12 weeks to set up and 3 weeks to deliver from the order date.

6) Who will be taking orders, processing payments, shipping statues?

Your clients/donors will order through your organization and make their payment to you. We will ship directly to the client/donor.  Your organization will then pay us for the sculpture and shipping and handling fees prior to shipping.

7) Are there any fees involved beyond the price of the sculpture?

Yes, your organization will reimburse Jim Gion for shipping and handling fees. 

8) Is there a minimum order requirement?

There is no minimum order for the life sized piece or for maquettes.  Medallions/coins require the set up fee be paid in advance.  After that there is a minimum order of 100 medallions/coins. The maquettes and medallions/coins can be created in open or limited editions.

Eye-to-Eye bronze maquette

Watch a video, "Portland Immigrant Statue" at my Viedeos Page .

For more information or to discuss a project, contact Jim at contactjim@artdog.info or (503)408-8241.
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