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"Riggs" Black and Tan Coonhound
Bloodhound "Armani"
"Ralf" Boston Terrier
"Senna" Boxer
"Boston" Briard
Bull Mastiff " Mabnum"
"izzy" Bull Terrier
"Riz, Blow, Lilio" Bullies
"Mo" Chow Chow
"Flavio" Irishsetter
"Kashmir" Italian Grayhound
"Garbo" Mastiff
"IkaIka" Ridgeback
"Mankaure" Pharaoh Hound
"Raven" Pitbull
"Rascal" Portuguese Water Dog
"Chance" Sheltie
"Chanel" Mixed Breed

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"Webster" WelshTerrier
Rescue dog
Irish Setter
"Webster" Welsh Terrier
"Tarzan" Vizsla
""Freckles" and "Splash" Scotty
"Shadow" Bulldog
Irish Setter
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"gremlin" and "Chance"
A Pride of Lions
Female Lion Yawing Lion Cubs Female lion and a cub
A pride of lions      
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