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Jim and Shadow


Email from Steve

Bas relief at Povey building

"John's mom has nurses that come by once a week or so. One day, one of them asked her what was wrong with the dog at the top of the driveway. She said, "Oh, the black one, Betsey?" She said, "No, it's not black." Then mom asked, "Oh you mean Banda, the fuzzy malamute?" No, the golden one. It looks kind of sick or something." Well, I guess that's a plug for reality. Good luck in your future endeavors. We love Boz so!"

"I am in love with the sculpture you gave us. I look at her all the time. She is beautiful from every angle. I like how you made her big boned structure look light and graceful. The white coloring makes her look angelic. The texturing of her skin gives her appearance more depth and pulls you in to her. Thank you for your generous gift. Ed and I are proud to own your work and to be your friend."

"To us, our Golden Retriever, Tiger, is a one of a kind dog. It is hard to describe, even in words, his wonderful personality and the special way he looks at you, convincing each person he sees that there is a special bond. We wanted to find a way to capture these special qualities that endear him to us so much. Your artistry has done that for us and we very much appreciate the talent and enthusiasm that you brought to the project. The bronze of Tiger could not be more realistic. It captures so well the details that make him what he is. You can actually see and feel his personality in this piece. While we hope to have Tiger with us for many years to come, we are thankful that we will always have this wonderful remembrance of him to treasure forever."

"Ralph's sculpture arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful! I wasn't prepared for the emotional impact it had on me - I kept walking around it and touching it, and yes, I had tears in my eyes. You captured Ralph's looks and personality perfectly! You have a wonderful talent, and I'm very glad that I met you at the English Setter National this past summer. I know is was difficult to work from photos instead of a live dog, and I thank you for taking this commission."

"Thank you so much for your gifts of teaching, time and talent to our students. They were so privileged to see an artist at work. You set an example for all parents and volunteers.

We have been admiring your superb workmanship for almost a week now. Scarlett's bust arrived safe and sound. She was packed incredibly well, by the way. The likeness is astounding, and we will continue to enjoy it immensely."

"I really enjoyed watching you perform you "magic" with clay. Your art work is beautiful."

"Thanks for coming to our school and doing clay sculptures with us. It was fun. It is cool how you can do sculptures so fast. I think I might do sculpting some day."

"Many thanks for getting the bust out by Christmas. They absolutely love it and are getting compliments by the dozen!"

"Thank you so very much for the marvelous one of a kind busts. They are in my living room right now and make me feel like I have twin sisters! I am going to send one of them to my parents. I can't wait for them to meet my sister!! Thank you again for your time and effort."

"Thank you so much for attending our VIF Party in celebration of the 2nd Annual Oregon Humane Society PETelethon! We were thrilled to have you here at the shelter and hope you enjoyed your afternoon with us. Your sculptures were a big hit during the party, and so was you canine model! I really appreciate your dedication to OHS and look forward to incorporating your immense talent further."

"Just a quick note to thank you for all your artistic talents and bringing some joy into our lives every day. You'll never know how much we enjoy our "Webster." He is truly magnificent. I rub his nose often for good luck.

"The sculpture is absolutely perfect. I have studied it from every angle and it is perfect. You have somehow not only captured his physical appearance but you have managed to capture his "spirit and personality" is the sculpture as well."

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